During our hours of operation we provide:

1- Educational Games, Arts & Crafts, Homework help
2- Health & Wellness: Cooking classes, Mental Health & Fitness activities for youth
3- Appreciation for Hawaii's Diverse Cultures
4- Sports & Team Building Activities
5- Character Building & Leadership Development
6- Prevention: Drug Prevention & Safety Awareness
7- Alternative Activities: Youth Choice Activities that are Fun, Safe & Age Appropriate

EDUCATIONal activities

During our homework help hour youth have access to computers, supplies for projects and all the materials they need to successfully complete assignments. 

HEALTH & Wellness

Age appropriate activities that include fitness, good hygiene, forming healthy habits, fitness, nutrition, and mental health education.

Appreciation for Hawaii's DIVERSE cultures

Activities that increase youth awareness and appreciation for Hawaii's diverse cultures.


Activities that teach good sportsmanship and team building skills.


Opportunities to develop a positive self-image, and experience achievement, leadership, enjoyment, friendship, recognition, and a sense of belonging.

Drug PREVENTION & safety awareness

Alcohol, tobacco, and drug prevention education.


During our Youth choice sessions youth participate in alternative and creative activities that are fun, safe and age-appropriate.  Youth get to choose which activity to do for that hour. 

Junior Youth & TEEN NIGHT

Junior Youth Nights are open to youth ages 11-12 and Teen Nights to youth ages 13-17. These spaces are created for Junior Youth & Teens to "hang out" after hours in a supervised, safe, and fun environment. Youth in this space engage in prevention related, educational, alternative and character building activities.  

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